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A rapid mental …


A rapid mental …

The control of the sense organs (jnana indriyas) is obtained by the practice of samyama on the five aspects of each one of them, namely:

-  their faculty of tools of knowledge: they bring knowledge of the external phenomenal world.

-  their physiological and anatomical nature.

-  the way in which our individuality enables them to act: our physical, social-cultural filters, aesthetic, etc.

-  their interaction with one or more of the other sense organs.

- their role in our existence as well in their ordinary aspect of instruments as in the optimization of their latent capacities.

Jnana Indriyas are:

Gandha sense of smell
Rasa tasting
Rupa seeing
Sparça touching
Shabda hearing

Samyama is the whole of the progressive techniques for the last three eight stages of Asthanga yoga: to see article on Asthanga

  • Dharana, concentration: practice of concentration on one object called the pratyaya. The pratyaya may be a mantra, a concept, any support of visualization, a divine principle. In Dharana, the flow of consciousness is stopped and there is duality between whose meditates and the pratyaya.

  • Dhyana, meditation: following stage with Dharana where the flow of consciousness is uninterrupted and the duality between “I” (contemplating it) and the object of meditation (the pratyaya) always exists.

  • Samadhi, the realization: last stage where there is no more duality. The flow of consciousness is immersed by the fusion of itself and the object. From this fusion rises direct knowledge.

The control of this Samyaya will develop three great particular capacities.

      • a rapid mental , Manojavitvam.
      • the non use of sense organs as instruments (the yogi can see without his eyes, and move without his body).
      • control of prakriti and its limitations, Vikaranabhavah (perfect control of the expressed matter, such as the body and its process of ageing, for example).

The development of these faculties induces great responsibilities.
Indeed, if you have the power on fire, this one misused can consume you.
All occurs as if the yogi carried around his neck a poisonous snake.

When the man fills of wisdom “knows " that, his capacities will be used for the good of all.

traduction by Regine Adams de villiers


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