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Cakra चक्र lev 1 : Tattva et Tanmatra

Cakra चक्र : Tattva et Tanmatra


In Tantric iconography, Cakra चक्र , as they are progressively discovered, reveal many symbols which serve as supports for visualization in order to experience the cosmic forces they represent. So, each Cakra has its own personality regarding the plane of consciousness it belongs to, and holds within itself qualities which are inherent to this plane.

 The TATTVA (or pancha mahābhūta) are the five elements, ranging from the more gross to the more subtle. According to the Vedantic "quintuplication" theory, each equal proportion of these elements constitutes 1/5th of the phenomenal matter.

  • Earth - Pṛthivī
    heavy, cold, nourishing element
  • Water - āpas (Jala)
    fast-moving, flowing, cold element
  • Fire - agni
    fast-moving, hot, sharp and penetrating element
  • Air - vāyu (pawan)
    light, mobile, dry, cold and unstable element
  • Ether - ākāśa
    "mentalization", expanding, suspending element

    Their assignment

    • Mūlādhāra - Pṛthivī
    • Svādhiṣṭhāna - āpas
    • Maṇipūra - agni
    • Anāhata - vāyu
    • Viśuddha - ākāśa
    • Ājñā - Manas मनस् the mind considered as the 6th element
    • Sahasrāra - Beyond No element as this chakra is beyond incarnation

represent the Jñānendriya ज्ञानेन्द्रिय or organs of knowledge, which are nothing else but the five senses. They are considered as the tools of knowledge, because they can be directed toward the outside word and bring information back. But more importantly, they can be used to transcend the psychic planes and can be collected inwardly.

  • Smell - gandha
  • Taste - rasa
  • Sight - rūpa (appearance of the form)
  • Touch - Sparśa
  • Sound - Śabda

    Their assignment
    Mūlādhāra - gandha
    Svādhiṣṭhāna - rasa
    Maṇipūra - rūpa
    Anāhata - Sparśa
    Viśuddha - Śabda
    Ājñā - manas the mind considered as the 6th element
    Sahasrāra - beyond


Chakra Tattva Tanmatra
Mūlādhāra Pṛthivī gandha
Svādhiṣṭhāna āpas rasa
Maṇipūra agni rūpa
Anāhata vāyu Sparśa
Viśuddha ākāśa Śabda
Ājñā manas manas
Sahasrāra beyond beyond

Jaya Yogācārya

Translated by Stéphanie BOSCO
©Centre Jaya de Yoga Vedanta La Réunion

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