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PRANAYAMA ( techniques of breathing)
PRANAYAMA (techniques of breathing)
Mastering life energy
PRANA = vital energy
YAMA = Mastering

Mastering life energy can be achieved by techniques of breathing which control the mind as well as the five subtle energetic channels. These techniques are very powerful and they increase vitality, memory and intellectual stimulation.

« Now I am going to explain to you the secret of the « origin of life breath »
( Svarodaya) which lies in all bodies, and the possibilities to attain knowledge which can be achieved through the breathing function , represented by a swan (Hamsa) whose rhythm determines the three forms of time.”

The breathing mantra, Ajapagayatri (HAM-SA), is formed by the inhaling breath HAM and the exhaling breath SHA representing the god principle Shiva and his godess expression SHAKTI. The mantra embodies their union. « I am He. ». This text evokes the identity of microcosm and macrocosm and as a result the possibility for a human being to realise his inner cosmos nature on which the validity of yoga experience depends.

  • -The knowledge of « origin of life breath » is more secret than the most secret of all secrets. It does enable us to to discern the good from the evil. It the key to all sciences.
  • -The « origin of life breath » is the most subtle of all subtleties. It is the marvellous principle of the
    possibility to attain knowledge.
  • -It allows us to perceive the deep reality of things.
  • -It surprises the non-believers. It is at the root of the power of those who detain it.

IDÂ, PINGALÂ and SUSHUMNÂ are the three main energetic channels running through the body. The sage tries to find them in order to discover the secrets of his body. Men who constantly observe the flow of energy through the lunar arteries ( Ida) and the solar ones (Pingala) can reach the knowledge of the past and the future.

« Oh Beauty ! If a messenger comes to announce you an expected event at the precise moment when you breathe in, then you are sure it will be successful. The contrary happens if it takes place when you breathe out.”

“ For everything desired, mentioned, asked for or spoken about, success is guaranted if at the precise moment the breath is inhaled ; the opposite happens if the breath is exhaled..”

Hanuman the symbol of Prana

Hanuman,symbole du Prana

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