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What is a mantra?


 the sound and the energy

Sound, light, heat, movement are the different shapes of the energy which appears in our universe. These different shapes of the energy are used in spiritual practices either to treat, either to raise the level of conscience, or even to develop some powers in order to act on the field of shapes and phenomena.

A mantra is therefore a resonant vibration inside which is set an energy.

To release this energy, the mantra can be sung or can be whispered.
It is a concept admitted that the sound never get lost.

As soon as the world appeared, the sound became an eternal and inseparable part of the element ether. In the mantra yoga, we call it the survey of Akshara. Akshara means "word or syllable", but also means, "the one that never destroys itself, which is in search of the eternal element."

The Indian philosophers say that those who want to know this eternal element, must first know the science of the resonant vibrations. It is maybe for this reason why the sages teach us to pronounce pleasing and beneficial words only.

When the words that we send in the atmosphere mix themselves, they can create good as very bad influences on the human beings. If some one insults you unjustly, the words wound and can even kill you. A word is therefore one of the vocal way that we use to express us

  Mantra Yoga is an exact science.

MAN means "to think" and TRA means to "protect, but also to free ", from the phenomenal world.
A Mantra generates a creative strength therefore and by its repetition, the Mantra awakens the cosmic conscience.

There are many mantras used by the humans to acquire peace and the quietness, to develop mental faculties, to pacify or to adore some divinities according to the different traditions, to remove the calamities or to attract the good omens.

The mantras have been revealed us by yogis and sages in state of deep meditation or in samadhi. They succeeded in discerning the subtle sounds which are subtle psychic vibrations, actually. (Today the last astronomical discoveries captured a sound of a millionth of lower time than what the human ear can hear and coming from a black hole in one of the galaxies of our system).

According to the Rishes, the sound called NADA is also known under the name of the "sound of Brahma". Brahma is the creator of the Hindu trilogy.

The Mantra is an excellent way to transmit the energy of Prana (see pranayama). Mantras can help some vibrations to enter inside the body, they can create some modifications in the physiological and organic functions (the ultrasounds waves in medicine for example), but can also influence some states of the conscience.

In the Indian tradition which interests us here, many different types of mantras exist. The art of the repetition of mantras is called JAPA. The effects of mantras so have two dimensions according to their pronunciation.

  • Either these effects act in the atmosphere which is surround us,
  • either these effects are inside our body if we pronounce them.

For the outside resonant vibrations, we consider those audible but also those inaudible.

  • The sages codified the art of Japa in four aspects.
    1. BAHSHA JAPA represents the art to pronounce mantras in a high voice.
    2. UPANSHU JAPA is the repetition of the mantra imperceptibly whispered.
    3. MANAS JAPA is the mental repetition.
    4. AJAPAJAPA is the state where the mantra is so registered inside you that it became a breath.
  • There are two sorts of mantras.
    • The NAMO Mantras are the mantras with a name, the most often with a Divine name, or the name Masters. To the names of the Divinities, one adds NAMAH that means "I greet you."
    • The BIJAS Mantras are "roots" mantras.

In Bakthi yoga, one repeats Namos mantras, but in the science of the resonant vibrations, one more works with the Bijas mantras.

"Mantra" means: energy that one can develop by the repetition of a word or a speech. There are others even more esoteric meanings, in the sense of "hidden, secret." Somebody who knows the secret of mantras is called the Mantri (the one with whom one can talk about everything).

To come back to Bijas Mantras, the term Bija means "root", but also means "seed."

A seed is very small, but it contains the power of a future tree. It implies the whole potentiality of the bija mantra. Bijas mantras sometimes contain one to three letters, but it is extensively sufficient for the considerable effect that they can create. In India, the Bijas have been codified in a very complex science. One studied the sonority of every letter , as well as the conjugation of letters between them, and the effects that it produces. Among the Bijas Mantras, the most known are:

universal pranava de SHAKTI de LAKSHMI de KALI de SARASWATI
Peace Shanti Energy Prosperity Protection or destruction knowledge

We will also find the big proclamations (mantras) of the Mahavakyas of Vedanta
(Tat Twam Asi, Om Tat Sat, Soham, etc.)

And also among all mantras, those for the worship or the protection of the divinities as Lord Siva, the Kali goddess, Saraswati, etc., all numerous mantras of power and magic. Of all mantras, Mahamrityunjaya and Gayatri mantras are considered as supreme, infallible and almighty, which can fight the effects of the death herself, according to the initiated people...

  • The effects

The daily repetition of these mantras, could free from all illness and all disaster, the Shastras say(sacred texts). It is recognized that the famous powers of yoga which calls Siddhis can be got by physical practices (hatha yoga), by pranayama and by kriya (chakras), to which is added the repetition of mantras.

Besides, to this subject the mantra" Om Namo Narayanaya" is repeated since 1945 to the ashram of the Divine life society (Swami Saraswati Sivananda) in Rishikesh in the north of India, day and night without relaxation, in order to preserve the peace in this world...

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

OM Peace, Peace, Peace

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