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Let’s trust in time,
it shapes our joys, it fixes the knowledge
in the stubborn practices, patiently making efforts.
Hesitantly over the way would be to lose its gold,
piled up harshly in synovial foldings.
Becoming a “Loung-gom-pas” (1) swift in your spirit,
I give rhythm with mantra your invaluable kumbakas. (2)
lean on me, I am the tough bamboo,
the third uncontestable foot which ensures walk,
and which carries in its trance what you “trance in dance”.
Am the desert plains of your reflexion,
when it is necessary for you to carry missive to your Oneself.
I put round my waist the “Mala” (3) of my Master,
and each grain “lumine” in your nervous glosses.
Laryngeal silence which teaches you the verb,
my internal labour hidden behind your laughter,
invite your desires to perfect the beast.
Am the conscious thrill of your long rachis,
when it joined mine in the growth of the plants.
Faithful to the last nonlazy Merovingian kings,
we work you and me the clearness of the mornings.
Come on my large eight which “arohanise”, (4)
and never lose the inspire in vain chattings,
because Lady Pituitary hung in your skies,
weave with the wire of the courses, the course of your wire.
the silky, the subtle, the braided of wisdom,
the writer of your noblest letters in this day,
when you should stripe tirednesses and concern.
Grant to me credit of your future trips,
because having cleared the ways “Nadieux”, (5)
I take care at every moment the layout of your steps,
when you disrespectfully stumble.
I bandage your eyes in these moments of doubt,
and throws you to the hands of your friends,
so that measurement becomes obviousness.
Offer to my confidence your soft intelligences,
so that on the river of our long dhyanas, (6)
only the search without ego “drapeauïse” your eyes,
and in this way releases us from “the ordinarity”.
I invite the shy persons, I invite the lazy ones,
I invite the hesitant ones, let’s pulverize fear.
the most beautiful of yogas awaits you here below
in the hollow of your courages in front of my demand.
Don’t reduce the spirit by damaging it,
and take great care of the old and enthusiast heart.
Regrettable indeed would be for your guide,
that the knowledge acquired near the lineage,
would be incompetently appreciated by you.
may the Centre and Mahes in her arms,
mother your fears and nurse your injuries,
and may you bless her feet with gratitude,
as I bless yours in my firm attitude.
Let’s trust in time, at this beginning of it.
It will stress your “orthographisms”,
when having made error in conjugation
from your times of loves with your so many beings.
My wishes finally, for this beautiful cause,
Yoginis and Yogis, let’s dance round in a circle
surrounding the world with our attention
and to keep it centered in its infinite rope.

Jaya yogacharya


1): ref. Loung-gom-pas, Magicians in Tibet according to Alexandra David Neel
2): ref. kumbaka; voluntary cessation of the breath
3): ref. Mala, Hindu rosary
4): ref. Arohan, channel of rotation for awareness through the chakras
5): ref. Nadi, channel of energy
6): ref. Dhyana, deep meditation

Regine Adams de Villiers
Marguerite Fontaine

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